Empire Podcast #608: Ethan Coen & Tricia Cooke, Phillip Noyce

Ethan Coen & Tricia Cooke, Phillip Noyce

by Chris Hewitt |
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While we're waiting patiently for Joel and Ethan Coen to reunite as the filmmaking entity known as the Coen Brothers, can we interest you in the Coen Brother and Sister-in-Law? For Ethan Coen and his wife, Tricia Cooke, have teamed up to make the rambunctious road trip comedy, Drive-Away Dolls, and on this week's episode they tell John Nugent about how they did it, and poke fun at his Star Wars toys. [25:34 - 40:09 approx.] We're also joined by another great filmmaker this week, as Phillip Noyce Zooms in for a chat with Chris Hewitt about life in the Hollywood system, and how his new movie, Pierce Brosnan thriller Fast Charlie, nearly fell apart at the first hurdle. [1:02:57 - 1:24:01 approx.]

Then, in the studio, Chris is joined by Helen O'Hara and James Dyer for a fun episode in which they discuss their most recent favourite movies, the films of Ryan Gosling, the week's movie news (including much Oscar chat and Neve Campbell's return to the Scream series), and review Drive-Away Dolls, Monster, and The New Boy. Enjoy!

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