Scoop Trailer Investigates A Royal Scandal In Netflix’s Prince Andrew Film

Scoop (2024) main image

by James White |

As conspiracy theories continue to swirl snd the Telegraph fills with irritated harrumphing about KateGate (are we calling it that?), the Royal Family is probably not exactly thrilled that Netflix has chosen today to launch the full trailer for Scoop, which digs into another not-so-stellar moment for The Firm: Prince Andrew's nail-chewingly awkward Newsnight interview with the Beeb's Emily Maitlis about his connections to Jeffrey Epstein. Take a look:

Adapted from former Newsnight producer Sam McAlister’s memoir Scoops: Behind The Scenes Of The BBC’s Most Shocking Interview, the new film will see Billie Piper as McAlister, who led the high-stakes negotiations to secure the interview as allegations about sexual misconduct with a minor swirled around Andrew. Gillian Anderson is Maitlis, who would go on to conduct the no-holds barred one-on-one, which ended up covering the Prince's bizarre pizza-based alibi and his claim that thanks to his service in the Falklands, he doesn't sweat under pressure.

Also in the cast for this one? Keeley Hawes as Royal adviser Amanda Thirsk, Sex Education's Connor Swindells, Romola Garai, and Charity Wakefield. Your Honour's Peter Moffatt and Mortal's Geoff Bussetil are behind the script with The Crown veteran director Philip Martin calling the shots.

Now, the big question… Will those watching via the Netflix ads included tier be bombarded with promos for Pizza Express? You just know someone has thought about it. Scoop will be on Netflix on 5 April.

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